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"Strawberrette", glass of strawberry milk Art Toy

75 EUR

"Strawberrette" is an handmade textile Art Toy.

This is a sweet and nutritious strawberry flavored glass of Milk.

I was inspired by the shapes that liquid splatters create.

I've started to envision colorful drinks as little characters with swirly hairdos.

And that's how the " Delicious Milk" was created.

It's made in felt wool using the needle felting technique.

This pink pastel Art Toy is composed by two separated items: the needle felted piece and an acrylic glass. 

Approximate dimensions with the glass:

Height: 12 cm / 4.72"
Length: 7.5 cm / 2.95"
Width: 7.5 cm / 2.95"

*It's not suitable for children.

This Art Toy is made in textile fibers, please do not rub or wet it to keep it in good conditions.

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Delicious toy art designs served in felt wool.

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Needle felted Art Toys created by Maria Filipe Castro, a Toy Artist from Portugal.

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