Scoopsie Lime, a talkative ice cream scoop Art Toy. One of a kind.

75 EUR

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This is a Scoopsie, an ice cream scoop Art Toy.

Scoopsie Lime is delicious and loves to talk and talk, and... talk! He could talk for days if someone let him...

This cute ice cream scoop comes with his own felt cone. So he can stand on his two little legs or to be kept in is cone, where he feels quite comfortable.

Scoopsie is made in felt wool. My needle felting technique creates solid and resistent pieces, but due to the textile nature of this material, avoid water contact and do not rub it.

It's a one of a kind Art Toy.

Dimensions (approx.)

- height / length : 6 cm / 2.36"
- width : 5 cm / 1.97"

Ice cream cone:
-height : 12 cm / 4.72"
-length / width : 6 cm / 2.36"

*This toy is not suited for children

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