Tom Tom, a glass of toothy tomato juice Art Toy

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One of a kind Art Toy.

Tom Tom is a well humored tomato juice. And well traveled too! His toothy grin can be often found in most airplanes in the world...

He is part of "Fresh Juice", a series of juice toys with hairdos inspired by the shapes that liquid splatters create.

Tom Tom is a unique Art Toy designed and handmade by droolwool.

This toy is needle felted. This is my favorite technique to sculpt, my main focus goes into creating a sturdy piece with the smoothest surface. To achieve it it takes may hours repeatedly stabbing.

Is composed by two separated items: the needle felted piece and an acrylic glass.

Approximate dimensions with the glass:

Height: 15 cm / 5.91"
Length / Width: 7.5 cm / 2.95"

This Toy is made in textile fibers, please do not rub or wet it to keep it in good conditions.

Not suited for children.

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* Click on the image to see it larger.